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The first meeting of the BPUG will be scheduled for the 18th of march 2015 at 18h at Rebgasse 16 Rebgasse 16, 4058 Basel, Switzerland. We will have a Guest PowerShell MVP that will present one of the new hot topics of PowerShell, and the event will be sponsored by Innobit.

Please fill in the following doodle right here to let us know how many people will attend the meeting, and what time would be best for your guys. If you have a suggestion for a topic that you would like to see, let us know by commenting this post at the bottom of this page!



Hello my fellow powershell Scripters,

This is a very short post just to officially let you know that the Basel PowerShell UserGroup (BPUG) is officially created, and we are actively working into all the little details in order to make our first meeting possible (and Awesome! ;)).


We are very excited to announce that we have advanced considerably in the organisation of this event. We have a sponsor that will finance us a meeting room (The meeting will most likley be held near to ClaraPlatz), and a PowerShell MVP that would do presentation!(Awesome right??!) The subject of the presentation still needs to be decided, and presence can only be 100% confirmed when we have the exact date of our meeting date and time.


[stextbox id=”note”]The first meeting will be held on the 18th of march 2015 at 18h. The location is Rebgasse 16 Rebgasse 16, 4058 Basel, Suisse (Google maps link:,+4058+Basel,+Suisse&output=classic&dg=brw )

If any of you get lost, feel free to contact me directly on twitter @stephanevg, I will forward you my phone details.



[stextbox id=”info”]This meeting is totally free, and everybody is welcome, but please let us know ahead of time by filling the doodle right here here –> so we know how many attendees we will have.[/stextbox]

Next steps

For now, I have created a doodle with several possible dates where we could potentially meet. Please fill in the doodle, even I you plan not of coming.  (These dates are more like ‘time frames’).


[stextbox id=”download”]The doodle is right here –>[/stextbox]


We have not decided (yet) of what would be presented, but if there is something particular you would like to see, learn, discover, go through, please drop a comment here, or on the meetup.

Let’s get in touch!


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You get more information on the Basel PowerShell User Group at these locations:

Doodle –>

Meetup –>

Facebook Page –>

Contact us on twitter –> @stephanevg