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So,it was about time, but I finally got things sorted out in order ot be able to attend the first European PowerShell summit.

[important]The summit will be held the 29th sept, 30th sept and 1 okt 2014 in  “Park Hotel” in Amsterdam /Netherlands.[/important]

This is a first time event, and this is a great opportunity to meet all the people that you generaly only know through twitter, or their profile pic on their blog. The exchange of the technical expertise and experience is going to be one of the best “in real life” class ever ! It is the perfect moment for networking, making new friends, increasing your powershell knowledge and expanding your experience through others, and of course, eat some “old Amsterdam” with some awesome “Bitterbalen with mustard” 😉

So besides that, why would you want to attend it ? (even if the awesomeness of the Bitterbalen makes the whole trip already worth it !)

The Agenda:

The agenda seems promising ! It will cover in dept the following topics

  • Desired State Configuration (DSC) by Steve Murawski
  • PowerShell security
  • Powersell performance
  • Dynamic parameters
  • Expanding Powerhshell through Dotnet

And much more  !!

[important]Click here for the complete  agend topic list [/important]

The speakers :

The biggest name in the community will be there such as

  • Jefrrey Snover
  • Don Jones
  • Richard Siddaway
  • Jeff Wouters
  • Arnaud Petit jean ( The only french person I guess ;))
  • Steve Murawski
  • The Microsoft Power Shell team (!!)
  • Bartosz Bielawski
  • Tobias Weltner
  • Mike Martin
  • Mike Pfeiffer
  • Joakim Westin

And these are only the speakers ! Which means that more Powershell MVP (or non-MVP but still, very skilled ) will also be present  !


The city is simply FAN-TAS-TIC ! If you have never been there before, this is the perfect time to combine powershell fun with the surprise of seeing a lovely city.

You like art ? you have plenty of very good musuems such as “The van Gogh” and the “Rijksmuseum” (or the rembrandt museum, wich is my favorite one ;))

You like healty food ? Well, then it is better to go Paris. But in Amsterdam, you can have what has been named by the gods as “Bitterballen”.  Add to that a some good old “Old Amsterdam”, a beer, and belive me, you dont need much more to make you happy 😉

The exact location will be in the “Park hotel Stadhouderskade 25, 1071 ZD Amsterdam

It is very close to the city center, and there are plenty of things to visit.


Are you convinced yet ? if not, you can always google “red light district” and see if that helps ;).

Otherwise, here are all the links you need to have to get your self registred and ready for the summit :

  • PowerShell summit on powershell.org page –> here
  • PowerShell summit main page –> here
  • PowerShell summitregistration page –> here 

 Other french speaking people who blogged about the summit:

You might be searching for some other european people who blogged about the summit, here are links to some french PowerShell MVP’s

François-Xavier Cat (@lazywinadmin) –> http://www.lazywinadmin.com/2014/08/powershell-summit-2014-europe.html (French)

Emin Atac –>  (@p0w3rsh3ll) –> http://p0w3rsh3ll.wordpress.com/2014/08/10/european-powershell-summit/ (French)


Twitter account:

[important]Be sure to following #pshsummit on twitter and to visit as much as possible the Powershell.org official web page to be aware of last minute updates.[/important]

I hope I will see you there !