A very (very) short blog post because I recently installed the Technical preview of Windows 10. While re-installing all my applciations, I have been asked to install dotnet 3.5. I thought I would document it here.

How to install dotnet 3.5 on windows 10

There are several way’s of doing it,

  • Graphically through the control panel (didn’t worked for me).
  • Downloading it and installaing from the web. Somehow, that didn’t worked either for me.
  • DISM –> that worked!

How to install dotnet 3.5 on Windows 10 using dism :

Simply mount the Windows 10 iso, or plug in the usb key drive and type in the following in a elevated powershell prompt :

[stextbox id=”note”]Be sure that your ISO or usb key is pointing to D, otherwise be sure to adapt the line above[/stextbox].