I am alive ! :D –2023-06-18T13:08:05+00:00

IamAlive ! 😀

I am going to teach you something you most likley don’t know about your self ? Yes yes, that is possible !

You know your birthdate, your birthday, and how old you are expressed in “years”. But have you ever though of how long you have been living in days ? minutes or even seconds ? Well, here you go !I wrote this script in not even an hour. this will tell you in a very basic way, for how many days, minutes, seconds, hours you have been happily living on our little blue planet :DThe script is pretty straightforward, and has been developped just because I was a bit “bored” (Yeah, that must be my nerdy side ;)).

I have been 11294 days alive

I have been alive

Here is the code :

Anyways, if you like the little tool, or whatsoever, just leave me a comment here below ^^Enjoy :D

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