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If you have missed the Powershell Summit europe 2014, you can easily catch up by reading this mind map.If you know me yet a bit, you must know that I love to work with Mind maps. It is a great way to visually organize information. Going through a mind map is way easier then going through some ‘organized’ bullet points. And besides of that, sometimes, scrolling can be tiering.So for all the lazy scrollers, here is the mind map version of my notes I took during the summit.

I have decided to limit the technical details of each of the events in order to keep the notes clear and understandable for everyone (Sometimes I struggle to re-decrypt my own notes though ^^). I will add the links to the different video recordings as soon as they become available, and will definitely  write some blog posts to cover some of the hotest topics that have been presented.

[important]You can download the mind map in Xmind or freemind format right here –> PowerShell summit mind maps(If anyone can generate a PDF version of it I would be happy to put it up here as well).–> Thanks to _TimPringle we have a also a pdf version.  [media-downloader media_id=”943″ texts=”Download it here”] . Thanks a lot Tim ! :).–> I have also added the summit scripts and slides that have been during the presentation. [media-downloader media_id=”944″ texts=”Download is available here”]–> I have also made the official agenda available . [media-downloader media_id=”942″ texts=”Download is available here”] [/important]

And perhaps more importantly, here is a link to the recording of all of the sessions of the European PowerShell summit. The playlist get’s updated slowly but surely. So come back to regularly in order to check for updates. –> Check it out here !

PowerShell summit Europe

PowerShell summit Europe mind map

[notice]If you want to have access to the plain text of the elements in the mind map. Either download the mind maps here in xmind or here in free mind format. Or find the text description below.[/notice]To sum up, It was really a nice event. It was the first time I attended an international event like this, and it was really great meeting all of these other powershell enthousiats. I am looking forward to share another beer with all of you guys next year, or during the NA PowerShell summit 2015.Greets.

Day 1

 Welcome / introduction

Don Jones / Richard Siddaway

 Monad Manifesto

Jeffrey Snover

  Jeffrey Snover went through his book the monad manifesto and explain the the vision that have been seen with PowerShell. The version 5.0 of PowerShell will fullfill the 5 main objectives listed in this book. Great presentation!

 DSC 01

Steve Murawski

  DSC god Steve Murawski did a great Introduction to DSC. For many of us it was our first DSC touch. Ho better could bring us smoothly in the DSC world then Steve Murawski ? Yep, nobody. This introduction really kicked it, and it was our base material for the DSC Hackaton that was held that same night. (Great Night by the Way !!)

 Speedy PowerShell

Jeff Wouters

  Jeff Wouters present small but cool tips & tricks on how to use powershell in order to make it as efficient as possible performance wise.

 Automatic Amazon Web Services

Mike Pfeiffer

  Very good presentation on AWS, and how to leverage Powershell to manage your Amazon cloud

 PowerShell Respoitories unleashed

Dan Harman

  Great introduction to two new Powershell 5.0 features: PowerShellGet and OneGet. OneGet module allows to install and manage software through Powershell, and the PowerShell get allows to Download and manage powerShell Modules from the internet.

 Parsing technics

Tobias Weltner

  In this session you will discover advanced PowerShell techniques that almost effortlessly turn plain text information into rich objects. Thobias was showing the powershell of import-csv and Select string. He also gave us a good review about the Convert-FromString introduced in PowerShell 5.0


Bartosz Bielawski

  Extended Type System – How to use ETS in order to create very rich PowerShell objects that look and feel just like actual .NET objects. Great presentation. Bartosz has a lot of humour XD

 DSC Hackaton

The whole European PowerShell community

  Now this was absolutley GREAT! What an amazing exercice! All those nerds in front of our computers trying to solve these DSC problematics. We were around 60 persons devoded to writting these DSC ressources with Steve and Don walking through the room here and there helping us out, or guiding us in our script logic. For many of us it was our first deep dive into DSC. The water was cold, but once we were in there, it became a bit warm, and got confortable in it. There is nothing like a whole night trying to create something in order to learn it’s mechanisms and go from $DSCKnowledge= 0 $DSCKnowledge++. I have personally worked on the cLogFile DSC resource. It should be present any time soon on Github 🙂

Day 2

 DSC 2

Steve Murawski

  This session was all about how to create your own DSC ressource. It covered actually what we have been doing the night before at the DSC hackaton. To bad we didn’t had this session right before the Hackaton, It would have save us some time on certain points.

 Cmdletize the registry

Richard Siddaway

  Cool presentation by WMI expert Richard Siddaway. He presented us how to create powershell cmdlets based on CDXML. Really cool technics! Stay tuned on this topic 😉

 PowerShell 5.0 –> introduction of Classes

Dan Harman

  Dan harmann introduced us one of the new features of PowerShell 5 : The possibility to create classes. (The developers are going to be happy :))

 PowerShell DSC in Amazon Cloud

Mike Pfeiffer

  Cool demonstration on how to leverage DSC in order to automate better and more your cloud provising through Amazon cloud services.

 Testing frameworks

Jim Truher

  Now this was a huge discovery for me. Since my background is pure sysadmin or sys engineer, I do have only limited developper knowledge (Except for PowerShell, but it more scripting..). Anyways… Jim introduced something that was totaly new here to me: How to automate your testing. What a cool thing! Basically, he created a test framework where you specify test cases, the results that are expected, and voila! Stay tuned on this because I will defenitly dig more into this topic as well !

 Windows Azure DevOps diaries

Mike Martin

  This presentation on Windows Azure showed us how we could leverage Windows PowerShell in order to provision and automate Windows Azure VM’s, and automate their configuration

 PowerShell Auditing

Lee Holmes

  EXCELLENT presentation by Lee Holmes from the PowerShell team. He demonstrated how easy it is to actually set up a PowerShell logging mechanism based on Windows logs and forwarding events. Really cool stuff!

Day 3

 Use PowerShell to manage a heterogeneous environment

Richard Siddaway

  Very interesting topic that shows us how we can leverage the new vision of microsoft using Cim cmdlets and by installing OMI on a linux box and start to manage these boxes. OMI is today heavily missing classes. there is a real need for the community to push towards writing and creating OMI classes (In order words MOF files for linux). So go for it!!

 Creating Dynamic Parameters

Bartosz Bielawski

  Bartosz demonstrated the different was of using the dynamic parameters

 Writing Clever PowerShell tools using AST

Tobias Weltner

  Tobias presented an awesome feature introduced in PowerShell V3 called Abstract synstax tree. Basically, it allows you to control the syntax of your Powershell scripts. It was also a great way for him to introduce his baby “ISESteroïds” which is based on this technology. I really recommend you look into it, it is extremly powerfull !

 Secure Remoting

Jeff Wouters

  This presentation was more on encrypting password then really focusing on the remoting part but it was still very interesting thgouh !

 Just enough Admin

Jeffrey Snover

  Really good presentation by Jeffrey where he explains how we can learn from the Snowden case in order to understand that admins are also an attack surface. JEA is a method that allows to reduce to a absolute mimimum the commands that are allowed to be used by IT admins. It is really a cool feature. I Will defenitley try to blog about this topic as well !

 Defining the best practices in PowerShell

Don Jones & the entire european PowerShell community

  This was also very cool. As beeing part of the PowerShell community, we have all together, under the guidance of Don jones, talked about what we thought are the current best practises. This exchange was really interesting. Everybody came up with ideas grown from his own experience. really Cool !

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