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Script analyzer

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Worried about the quality of your Powershell code ?

Well, if you are, then you already have the good spirit 😉 but sometimes, YOU are the only guy writing scripts at your workplace. Sure, you could upload it on the internet, ask for some feedback, but this can be time consuming.

I got a small surprise while i was writing the “Script Browser” article earlier. Indeed, the Script Browser comes with another tool called “Script Analyzer” which does exactly what the names tells you : It analyzses your PowerShell Scripts !

More clearly, this very handy tool will analyze your scripts and and check if it meets the Powershell best practices.

Here under you will find a screen shot of script analyzer which analyzed a script I wrote in order to generate my documentation for a specefic client (My lazy side hehe ;))


Script Analyzer screen shoot

Errors generated of one of mine scripts.

This fantastic tool can be download together with the “Script explorer” tool right here.

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