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  • BitLocker Encryption script

How to get the bitlocker recovery key ID ? This is a question that a colleague of mine asked me. He wanted to get the local bitlocker key, and compare it to the one stored in Active directory.I wrote him this function which will retrieve the protector ID (Bitlocker recovery ID) with the possibility to choose which protector to retrieve.

[stextbox id=”note”]This function below would be the PowerShell equivalent as the : manage-bde -protectors c: -get command[/stextbox]

The function is based on Win32_EncryptableVolume WMI class. This function can easily be extended, or even incorporated in other functions / scripts.Find the download link here below

[stextbox id=”info”]Since the first developpement of this script, I have written a new cool tool name “BitlockerSAK” for “Bitlocker Swiss Army knife“. The bitlocker swiss army knifeallow to find the bitlocker recovery key id, but also a lot more neat stuff! You can get more information about BitlockerSAK right here –> “Bitlocker Swiss Army Knife”[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”download”]Download the latest version of the script directly on technet right here. [/stextbox]If this function is not what you were looking for, check out my BitLocker encryption function.Here under is the function listing :

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