[important]New version of the PowerShell WMI module 2.0 is out. It has now 19 cmdlets in total! To get the latest version of it, click here [/important]


Have you ever needed to create a new WMI property ? Have you ever needed to create that WMI property in a specefic (and new) WMI class ?

Well, if you did, the WMI-Module is what you are looking for then !

After setting up the method on how to measure a Task sequence time (which I explained here), I needed to add it at the end of our task sequence in the “tatoo” section.

In OSD, we generaly like to put the same information, in various locations : Registry, environment variable and in the WMI repository. The registry and environment variable are pretty easy (or lets say that was something I had already done before), but how do we actually add a WMI property and a new WMI class ?

That is a good question right ?

I have started to write some cmdlets in order to create a class, then a property, then to import or export MOF files, and sooner then I thought, I came up with the WMI PowerShell Module.

And it is my turn to give something back to the PowerShell community.

For now, the module is composed of the following cmdlets :



New cmdlets will probably still come, and most likley, with your very valuable feedback, I will publish a new updated version with any eventual bug fixes etc…

[important]Download the latest version of the module on technet right here.[/important]

Here under you will also have the current listing of the module. You can either download it from technet here, or copy paste the listing here below in a new text file called “WMI-Module.psm1

Listing WMI-Module.psm1