• RegardsCitoyenPS-en

Analyze Political data using Powershell

03/03/2018|0 Comments

I recently pusblished my first official powershell module to the powershell Gallery Called RegardsCitoyensPS . RegardsCitoyenPS is a PowerShell Module that allow people to retrieve information from  the French democratic process. For more details, click here. (This [...]

  • powershell system.collections.queue

The powershell queue collection

03/01/2018|1 Comment

Today I want to quickly talk about the systems.collections.queue collection when working with powershell queues. Why should we care about the system.collections.queue collection when working with powershell queues? Working with powershell, generally a simple array [...]

Guest post swisscom ICT blog

28/03/2017|0 Comments

For the ones that are curious what an implementation of Pester in a big environment could look like, I would recommend that you read my guest blog post on the Swisscom ICT blog available here. [...]

  • Learn powershell regex today

learning regex

19/01/2017|1 Comment

Regex is cool! It is true! Regex allows you to find specific chunks of text in a known sentence, file, document etc… Regex is really useful to parse big log files, to identify a specific [...]