A short post to talk about the very first meeting of the Basel PowerShell UserGroup (BPUG) that was held the 18th of March at “Zum Lamm”, Basel / Switzerland. This very first meeting was a real success! It got way more attention then I actually dreamed of. In total, there were around 20 attendees. Some of them came all the way from Bern or even Lucern (Which is quite far away from Basel). A big thanks to them again!

The event was sponsored by Innobit.ch, a global consulting company that provides Microsoft Infrastructure solutions across Switzerland.

We also had the honor and the privilege to have PowerShell MVP and Scripting Games winner 2013 Emin Atac (Twitter, blog) who came all along the way from Strasbourg / France.

With this event, we also got our logo, and our first group of attendees. I am confident that this is the start from long powershell journey 🙂

Since there has been so many people present, we will defenitly continue organising these events. We are looking into how we can organize next meeting, and thinking mainly of having a MVP / expert presenting a specific powershell solution, and in the second part perhaps a script club or a small scripting games contest (To be decided).



We have discussed the following topics:

  • Introduction to Desired State Configuration (DSC) –> Presentation by PowerShell MVP Emin Atac
  • Introduction to using PowerShell during OSD: OSD Tattooing with PowerShell –> Stéphane van Gulick

There have been some very interesting discussions especially with the DSC topic, which end’s up to be actually every time a big discussion point. (Why should we implement it? Isn’t using GPO and SCCM not enough? etc..)

These topics created some very nice discussions, but unfortunately made us loose track of time a bit. For next time we will include a 15min question / answers after the presentation in order to avoid time drift 🙂

If you are from Basel or Switzerland, and are interested in joining or even participating in the presentation of this event, do not hesitate to get in touch with me through twitter / email.