This blog post is part of my second series about powershell classes,but this time, it is in collaboration with

This series has a total of 6 posts that covers everything that needs to be known about powershell classes. You will learn how to use powershell classes to manage your Active Directory going gradually through complex concepts until you are a pro with classes. I recommend you follow each step chronologically since we are building a class from bottom up and keep adding new blocks of code in each chapter.

Quick reference:

  1. Introduction (here)
  2. Properties (here)
  3. Methods (here)
  4. Constructors (here)
  5. Inheritance (here)
  6. Polymorphism (here) This post

All the examples that are present on this page, and more globally throughout this series, are available on my github page here. (Exact reference to the file will be provided throughout the series).

Alternatively, I recommend you also read the first series I wrote on powershell classes. It will give you another concrete example, and walk you through some things that might not be fully covered in this series.