Life can be full of surprises. One of them is that we got a ticket offered through a sponsorship from the ambasodor  of the System center universe Europe (Belgium & Netherlands): Inovativ

I invite you to get to know inovativ on their website here:

Get in touch with inovativ on their facebook page here:

Get in touch with inovativ directly through twitter here:

Also, please salute (or better, pay him a Weizen bier when you meet him) “Stijn Calebout” (@stijnca / Infos) who made all of this possible in the very first place

Get the free ticket for the system center universe 2015:


As much as I would like to give a ticket to every single member of the BPUG, we only received one ticket, and need to find a fair way to give itto one of the BPUG’s member. I have decided to create a powershell quiz, which will allow us to select a winner, who will receive the free ticket (which is worth 600 chf!)

The quiz is actually a small powershell requirement that needs to be resolved using only Powershell (Dotnet calls are permitted), before Monday 16h (gmt+1) Thursday 20th of august 2015 16h

As annonced on the BPUG facebook page The Quiz is published today (Friday 14th of august) at 17h GMT+1, and we will accept answers until Monday 16h Thursday 20th of august 2015 16h

Once your script is finished, please send your answers to

In case there is a tie, we will find the final winner using the good old “Get-Random” cmdlet.

Quiz instructions:

Ready? here you go:

Write a powershell function that will check a script you have written, and transform all the aliases that a present in it to their real cmdlet names. The code must still be working after the conversion.

(Write a function that has a ‘string’ as input, and spits out the corrected version (read without aliases) of that string).

Extra points will be added for the following points:

  • Pipeline support
  • Overall cleanness of the code
  • Comments
  • Parameter validation
  • Error handling
  • But most importantly: The code must work!

Note: This is also a way to test your skills, and make you progress. Please do not ‘take’ something already written on the internet. We will see it, and you will loose the ticket, since that would be unfair.

Who can participate?

Everyone! But please keep in mind that if you are located in the USA for example, Basel might be a bit further then a few bus stops from home. You can still join the fun and compete, but the tickets will be reserved to the people who attend physically the BPUG meetings.