How to get Windows Updates with PowerShell?

I know, there are a few functions that will get Windows Updates using Powershell already available on the internet, but what I couldn’t find is a function that would return me all the currently installed updates (which is not the case of Get-Hotfix) and the returned values  as a reworkable object.

Download  get-windowsupdates on technet right here –>

So here is my version of the Get-WindowsUpdates script which get’s back all the installed updates on a machines AND returns an object that can be used for futher filtering.

This function is a function that will work only  locally. But I blogged yesterday about a neat trick that will let you run easily any local function remotley withtout any effort right here –> How to run a local function remotley

Get-windowsupdates listing :



Digg more into how to get windows updates with Powershell:

Jeff Wouters” version of the script :)).