I just finished my presentation for the PowerShell Bengalore UserGroup (PSBUG). It was really a great session where almost 30 people attended it!

Special thanks to dexter for having me  there and to have given me the opportunity to do this presentation.

The idea was to give an introduction to WMI / CIM technologies. Just enough to get you started if you are completely new to it, but still give some infos on the architecture of  CIM/WMI if you are not 100% new to it.


The presentation has been recorded and is available here –> https://plus.google.com/events/cb5m2g7c2ssj8pp5nep672quufs


Also, I took the opportunity to officially announce that I have create the following User Groups (Yep, you read plural tense there…)

  • Basel PowerShell User Group (BPUG)
  • Strasbourg PowerShell User Group (SPUG)

If you have any interests, questions, etc… or are from one of those city just get in touch with me (I don’t bite ^^)

More information concerning these two user groups will come soon.